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The largest art tokenization platform in europe is born
Kiku Andy Warhol, 1984 View details
Untitled (1988) Keith Haring, 1988 View details
H9-2 Courage Damien Hirst, 2021 View details
Soup Can 7/10 Banksy, 2005 View details

We source contemporary works of art by artists with established international market and historical reputation and issue shares for their value, the Digital Art Shares.

We rely on Blockchain technology to create a stock exchange for art, the ArtSquare Exchange. Our Exchange allows you to make a profit from art as an asset and diversify your Portfolio.

Build your dynamic Portfolio by buying and trading shares of various artworks. We think of our Portfolio as a combination of an art gallery and portfolio investment.

Gift a friend Digital Art Shares of artworks and bring them into’s community. By donating DAS, you will help them grow as art collectors and digital investors.