Parallel Expressions

Artist and date

Tasos Nyfadopoulos, 2021

Dimensions, materials and tecniques

26 47 50 whl


'Parallel Expressions' is a wall sculpture and belongs to the 'Blue' series of Tasos Nyfadopoulos' sculptures The sculpture is ready to hang and the installation process is easy to follow. Materials include resins, carbon fiber and 24k gold. “Parallel expressions” has been exhibited in Tasos Nyfadopoulos’ solo exhibition 'Blue - It is not from around here ' in Gallery Artower Agora, Athens at 2/12-30/12/2016 The black color of the carbon fiber reminds us the unknown, what we can’t control. But when we look beyond the black territory, a calming blue color invites us. The gold light shimmers and we proceed closer. We distinguish three human heads with the same facial expression that look at three different directions, what it was, what it is and what it will be. As in all the sculptures of the “Blue” series, in “Parallel expressions” we see that the blue color is dominant. This gives the sense that the human figures presented by the sculptures are eternal and symbols of the human soul.

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